El Dorado

El Dorado is a series of paintings inspired by the indigenous cultures of Colombia. 

The  collection depicts stories of places, legends, spiritual beliefs and  artifacts such as jewelry, weaving and pottery. Oils on canvas and  gold leaf.

Love Letters

"Cartas de Amor", Love Letters, is inspired by the poems of Pablo Neruda, his book

"Twenty poems of love and a song of despair".

Mix media, gold leaf and sheets on canvas.


 "Cielo". was the last painting from the  collection "Cartas de Amor";
It means "Heaven" or "Sky" in Spanish. The technique in this collection is impasto on canvas, characterized by very short strokes and several gesso layers.


The  paintings in "Carnaval" pay homage to the magnificent “Carnaval de  Barranquilla” the biggest carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro.  Barranquilla is the birthplace of the artist. 

Carnaval  de Barranquilla, was declared by the UNESCO, as one of the  “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. 


"Becoming"  is a collection inspired by the beauty and mystical places  in the Colombian jungle especially in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta  (Andes). The jungle contains a large labyrinth of places that because of  its beauty can be said to move from the tangible to the spiritual. 

Muses and Warriors

“Muses and Warriors” is a series of paintings that tells the stories of   women in the present, in history or in the imagination of artists,  poets and more. Each “Muse” represents the woman as a source of talent,  bravery, compassion, influence and passions